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From Brighton, Matt Carpanini is a British songwriter with a wide scope of influences including Indie, Folk, Rock, Americana and Country music.

His debut solo album, Boots, is available now. It delivers a heady cocktail of punchy, infectious tunes with a twist of tantalising lyrics that linger on the tongue.
Matt writes with an enticing, personal feel while exploring a kaleidoscope of musical styles. Departing from the blatant; edging towards the poetic, creating an authentic visual sound.

In England, he has toured London and the South East. He played the Highlands of Scotland and the coast of Wales in 2010-11. He also performed in the US when he played in several intimate acoustic venues in Greenwich Village, New York.


In addition to his own material, Matt has collaborated with established songwriters Miles Zuniga of Fastball, Sony's Alice Shaw and Scottish singer-songwriter Andi Neate.
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